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Depression comes and goes through the darkest times, a loved one’s death, being cheated on, being bullied, or dropping your ice cream cone.

When it rains, it pours.

And Then It Rained….

And Then It Poured….

32 Responses to NEWS!

  1. Scott says:

    Ah! I did well to get this in a Halloween-ish spirit! 😀

      • Scott says:

        ^What she said, just get Stuffit.

        Ah, y Olivia, ¿podría dame un simself? Lo necesito mucho. XD

      • Lulz, seguro … Pero no sólo vas a usar TS2? No simselves hacer para TS2.
        Mi español es terrible, espero que me todo correctamente …
        Estoy leyendo lo que dice correctamente?
        Pero, ¿qué soy yo para decir, el español es horrible!

      • Scott says:

        Suspiro, estoy usando ahora TS3. Es la maldición del dios terrible, y estoy usando dirección de correo electrónico del SIS.
        Su nombre es Jennifer ni siquiera! LOL.
        Estoy escribiendo para poco a poco?
        Usted es como, BAM! Maldita sea, puede escribir!
        >.> Se supone que debo ser el niño prodigio por aquí!

      • LOL me preguntaba, “¿Por qué demonios no tienen dirección de Scott, una niña de correo electrónico??”
        Es necesario uno de los tuyos!
        No utilice TS3! ¡Es mío! Use TS1 de una oportunidad.
        TS1 es raro * * pero menos de lo que 3.

      • Scott says:

        Okay, I cannot type in Spanish any longer. X_X

  2. Hey it’s Scott! 😀
    I’m starting a legacy!

  3. @Scott Look at how bad Google can translate stuff… I put your Spanish replies in Google Translate, and it was sucky. :/

  4. Scott, muestran que este gatito, Jennifer, cualquiera que sea la mierda que se llama, y le pregunto si pongo esto en traducir correctamente.

  5. Spongey says:

    I hope when you get everything fixed, that maybe you can start a new story with Screw? Maybe even a legacy? 😉

  6. Tonks says:

    *-* Seasons is sooo amazing. I won’t be posting a chapter for awhile. D:

  7. Tonks says:

    Or maybe I will tonight, ’cause I’m rather bored.

  8. nicandnathrock says:

    this is nic; OMG i love mcr:3, they’re amazingggggggggggggggggggggg

  9. Tonks says:


  10. Brennon says:

    I just got some knife fight poses 🙂 I hope they work, though, I’m going to get the knife for them too! Oh, your sim will be using these poses!

  11. Brennon says:

    I know what song I need to download! I just had sex! That’s like my theme song!

  12. Brennon says:

    I’m just going back and forth between out blogs to see if anyone commented on anything. I’m waiting for Sims 3 to load. I got the poses now. I know how to do it, you have to download it, and type it in there. I also created some new characters, and I have another special sim to make right now….why am I telling you this?

  13. PeytonOnDeck says:

    Hello TONKS read My blog 😦
    Devils Knot backwards is Tonks Lived. I SHALL NOT FORGET THAT!!

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